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Listening is a Powerful, Untapped Tool Within the Workplace

I’m Dr. Laura Janusik. I partner with professionals and teams, including executive, leadership, agile, and newly-formed teams, to define their challenges and train on listening and communication so they can work better, faster, and stronger.

As a sought-after listening subject matter expert, I drive positive workplace change through:

Team training
One-on-one coaching
Live and on-demand workshops

More than 20 years spent as a professor and scholar

3,000+ people trained to listen and communicate better

15 years of human resource management experience

How I Can Help You, Your Team, and Your Organization

Rooted in listening and backed by science, I offer targeted guidance to resolve your specific workplace challenges.


Customized training and exercises help teams push past challenges and embrace learning as a tool for growth.


One-on-one guidance for professionals in all career stages, from entry-level employees to seasoned leaders.


Live and on-demand sessions offering transformative, hands-on instruction on listening, communication, and more.

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I Know What It’s Like to:

Feel inadequate as a leader
Wonder how to align your team
Worry about your bottom line

You want to be an influential leader. A leader of a team that runs smoothly, with strong relationships, open communication and collaboration, and capacity for creativity and innovation.

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And in doing so–guide them towards a transformation in their lives and businesses.

More about Dr. Laura Janusik, PhD, MBA, MA

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Harvard Business Review

The Wall Street Journal

U.S. News & World Report


ECHO Listening Practitioner

Director, Global Listening Centre

Certified Listening Professional (CLP)

Past President, International Listening Association

Many leaders don’t realize that the issues their teams experience are actually caused by listening problems. At Listening to Change, I identify the cause behind the challenges and offer tailored training on listening and communication to create a culture where people feel comfortable and confident to do their best work.